Feoras Collies

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We know of a number of rough Collie puppies available in our area.   One pet F tri rough is available, sired by our Keegan available in Port Medway with our friend Crystal Flemming.  

We should have some pet and performance prospects (possibly also show puppies) available from Skye (expecting Oct 10), and also Grace later this winter/early spring 2018 if all goes well.  

We may know of Collies who are available in the area, and would be happy to work with you in finding the perfect companion through one of our peers, when we may not have the right fit here at Feoras.  

Please consider contacting the Collie Rescue Network, or the Collie Club of Canada, and offering to provide a second chance for a deserving Collie who needs a new home as well. Whether it is a young Collie who needs more attention, an older dog that has outlived his or her owners, or a special Collie who needs a different home --- they are beautiful animals, waiting eagerly for that "right someone" to love.



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