Welcome to Feoras Collies

Feoras – “smooth rock”.   The prefix for our kennel is one we feel fits our dogs well – smooth head planes, rock solid personalities.

Our Collies are bred to be ambassadors of their breed.  They have exceptional temperaments for work (therapy dogs, working dogs and/or performance) while still being a delight to have at home (loving companions content to lay at your feet, join you on a run, or gently play with your children).

Our conformation dogs are exquisite dogs with incredible lineage, bringing them ever closer to the ideal Collie of the CKC Standard each time we breed – we are looking for temperament, type, health and structure, and are breeding for the whole package when we choose to have a litter.

We believe a Collie is the breed that has it all.   They have the sweet, eager to please attitudes so loved by many, with the unparalleled intelligence and keen intuition for work, paired with their athletic and lithe grace inside the conformation ring and out.