About Us

We are a small hobby kennel with some very high expectations for the future.  We have officially registered our name as Feoras in 2012 with the CKC – however, we have been involved in working with a variety of breeds in shows and trials since the early 1990s. We bought our first Collie, a delightful sable merle performance pet named Arwen, in 2007 and we were hooked.

We have been blessed in working with many fantastic breeders in the past little while – and have been delighted to meet many wonderful people with a shared love of the breed along the way, through local shows right up to the CCA National.


We wish to bring out the best in our puppies by adhering to the Collie Standard as closely as possible, while simultaneously maintaining high intelligence so valued within the breed, and excellent health.  All appropriate health clearances and vaccinations will be completed for any animal – whether puppy or adult – prior to leaving our care.

Our goal is to produce a balanced, consistent litter of puppies with healthy attitudes and strong, correct structure, and with the inherent beauty, type and sweet nature so known to this versatile herding breed.

(Photo courtesy Lee Crawford – of two 5.5 week old pups)

Any pet puppies resulting from carefully planned litters will be available only on a spay/neuter agreement to approved homes.  A dog is a huge commitment, so plan to spend many happy years with this partnership.

We will be looking to match our animals with the best possible homes based on their personality and abilities in terms of fitting with what you are looking for – the more we know about what you want from your newest addition to the family the better we can make sure your dreams come true with your new best friend.

Our puppies are born and raised in a home environment and socialized heavily with children, adults, and a variety of animals (dogs, cats, livestock) to ensure that the hardy, even tempered personality we so love from the breed is maintained.

It is not our intent to have many Collies here – the exceptional few we choose to keep for breeding will be ambassadors of the breed, and dogs whom we feel can bring the Standard closer to reality for us.  As such, we will have a limited number of Collies living with us at any one time, with others in homes so they have every opportunity to excel in the fields they have shown aptitude for, while being the cherished pets they deserve to be.


We are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), Halifax Kennel Club (HKC), Collie Health Foundation (CHF), American Working Collie Association (AWCA), Sporting Detection Dogs Association (SDDA), Canadian Disc Dog Association (CDDA), Collie Club of Canada (CCC), and have in the past been active members supporting Therapeutic Paws of Canada (TPOC) through the Paws to Read program and visiting numerous nursing homes.

Four of our dogs visit group homes and residences locally, to visit individuals in our community who are living with intellectual and/or physical challenges on a weekly basis.


Our current Collies perform valuable services in the community – they take great joy in meeting new people, and constantly eager to learn and please “their family”.  There is nothing we love more than seeing our dogs in the community!  We are often found participating in a variety of local activities to provide education about animal health, and also outreach through animal therapy – including at our local library, nursing homes, group homes and private settings.