Feoras Collies Presents:

Travler Feoras Stay With Me

Maisie was stunning from day 1.  A deep chocolate coloured puppy born from a large litter of ten, she stood out immediately and was sassy from day one, begging to come to Canada – so we happily purchased her and brought her up.  Very exciting adventures to come with this exceptionally pretty and intelligent young girl.  She currently resides with our good friends Nicole and Yves in Lawrencetown enjoying farm life and frequent jaunts to the beach and trail rides behind the horses.


Date – club, location – win – judge


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Am.GCh. Travler Cove Run’s Dancing Through Life
(WD/BW – CCC National Specialty 2019)

Am.GChG. Travler’s Nissan Rogue, BN. RN, RI, CD, CGC, ROM

Am.GCh. Marnus Lucky Strike, ROM
Am.GCh./Can.Ch. Travler’s Liberty Sport, ROM, AOM, HIC, CGC
Am.GCh. Bannerstone Travler For Good Am.Ch/CanGCh.BISS Bannerstone Rosepoint Envision
Am.GCh. BISS Travler’s Sarita


Am.Ch. Travler Cove Run’s Bewitched
(WB CCC Regional Specialty 2019,
RWB CCC National Specialty 2019)

Am.GChB/CanCh. Travler’s Son of a Witch, IT
(BOS to BOV CCA National Specialty 2018)
Am.GChG Travler’s Nissan Rogue, BN, RN, RI, CD, CGC, ROM
Am.GCh. Bannerstone Travler For Good
Am.GCh. Travler’s Miss Independent Am.GCh. Travler’s The Man To Know
Am.Ch. Travler’s Sister Sarah


CERF/CAER – Moderate CRC
Optigen Accession #: PRA clear/non-carrier by parentage
OFA Hips – (Pending officials at 24 months)
OFA Elbows – (Pending officials at 24 months)
Thyroid – Normal (Carnegy Animal Hospital)
Cardiac – Normal – (Carnegy Animal Hospital)
MDR1 – Carrier (Mutant/Normal) – Optimal Selection
DM – Noncarrier (Normal/Normal) – Optimal Selection
DMS – AAbb – Optigen
CN – Noncarrier (Normal/Normal) – Optimal Selection