A new adventure at Feoras is just beginning!

Years ago I met a Mudi for the first time and was absolutely enchanted. It was a long time coming, but this sturdy, naughty, quirky and sweet breed has long had my heart.  I love competing with my dogs and this incredibly driven breed is just the right mix of independent, intelligent, and inquisitive for all sorts of dog sports and adventures!

The Mudi is absolutely not right for a first time dog owner, particularly sedentary quiet homes.  Be aware that puppies will be available only to people with a track record of working with dogs (particularly higher drive ones) who are well versed in how to keep a very active breed happy and comfortable, with a plan on hours working to ensure he is a balanced, calm dog in the community and home.  They learn quickly and are accurately described as single event learners.

They are generally one person dogs – they bond very deeply to a person of their choice though will love all family members too.  They will do anything for “their” people.  For their special person there’s not a request in the universe you couldn’t ask them, and have them move heaven and earth to try.

For the right person you will find the most loyal, comical, eccentric and endearingly cuddly dog who will be incredibly loyal and sweet half the time, and a whirling chatty dervish the other half.  Confidence levels vary but the love they hold for their person is unswerving.