Feoras Mudis Presents:

(CKC ptd) Herdabout Flight to Feoras, NS, RA, HT


Wren is such a happy, friendly and spirited little girl – very high toy and food drive and she loves to learn. Her inventiveness keeps us all entertained.  In the ring, she’s all business and all look at me attitude. She owns the show ring and never stops smiling or wagging! Her joy is infectious. She is a little naughty, loves to show off, and has a very kind nature with with strangers – open and kind natured meeting her new friends. She is not a shy dog. She has a lot of intensity and loves to say hi (sometimes loudly) to her new fans.


OFA CAER – Dr. Cheryl Cullen, Cullen-Webb Animal Eye Services: Normal (2022)
OFA Thyroid (Immune Thyroiditis) – Normal (2023)
OFA Elbows: Normal (2023)
OFA Dentition: Dr Ashley Lang: Normal/Full (2023)
OFA Hips: Good (2023)
OFA Heart: Dr Jeremy Orr, (ECG, Echo, Auscultation) – Normal (2022)
DNA Genetic Panel Results- PawPrint Genetics (2022): DM Noncarrier, MDR1 Noncarrier, PRA Noncarrier, CDA Noncarrier.  Does not carry gene for NBT or hind dewclaws.
Colour: Carries Fawn, Brown, Saddle Tan, White